Paternity Cases and Relocation In California

Paternity Cases and Relocation In California Lawyer, San Jose CityThe following article will cover:

  • How a family law attorney can help with paternity cases in the San Francisco Bay Area,
  • Relocation of a child and court approval in California, depending on current custody and visitation orders, and
  • When it is necessary to file a family court petition for relocation in California.

What Can A San Francisco Bay Area Family Law Attorney Do To Help Me With My California Paternity Case?

A family law attorney can help you establish paternity, file the necessary documents, and protect your rights as a parent. Even when parents have an informal parenting agreement that seems to work well, it’s essential to establish paternity and have a legally enforceable parenting agreement filed with the court. An attorney can ensure that the agreement serves your best interests and protects your relationship with your child.

Can One Parent Relocate A Child To A New City, County, Or State Without Court Approval In California?

The ability to relocate a child without court approval depends on the current custody and visitation orders. If a parent has sole physical custody, they can usually move with the child, provided that they give notification to the other parent and the move doesn’t affect the existing visitation arrangement.

If the move hinders the current parenting plan or the parents have joint physical custody, the relocating parent must seek permission from the other parent or file a motion with the court requesting permission to move with the child.

If My Location Does Not Impact The Custody Agreement Or Arrangement With The Other Parent, Do I Really Need To Make A Family Court Petition In California?

If the relocation does not impact the custody agreement or arrangement and you have sole physical custody, you do not need to file a petition with the family court in California. In this case, it would be the other parent’s responsibility to file a motion if they want to stop the move.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for Family Law, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll make it look easy. For more information on Family Law in California, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (408) 909-4586 today.


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